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The mission of KMBC is to equip God-called men and women with: a passion to Know God, a passion to prepare for His Ministry, a passion to live and teach the message of Biblical holiness, and a passion to evangelize and disciple the world for Christ. KMBC focuses on preparing young men and women for serving God. KMBC stands out from other colleges because it believes that all of you is important. Instead of focusing on only tests, only term papers, or only academics, KMBC broadens the scope. KMBC's academics are excellent- because they prepare you for actual ministry and further education. KMBC has a 6-1 student/faculty ratio, so students are known by name in the classroom. Our academics are personal. This helps with spiritual growth because professors know you and know where you're at and are available. Our staff believe in our students so much that they invest financially in our students.. Instead of taking a full paycheck, staff invest the extra money into students. It adds up to approximately $10,000 per student, per year. KMBC is passionate about affordability. With scholarships, grants, and a work program, most students graduate with very little college debt. We believe in academic and finances, but we also believe in hands-on opportunities. We believe that the world we live in needs God. So we give students the theological training and spiritual help, but also ministry opportunities. We have students in the local schools, a prison, street ministries, children's churches and more. KMBC's goal is to help you get settled spiritually so you can reach a lost and dying world. KMBC has some of the highest rates for graduating students who go into the ministry and stay in the ministry- 78%! Whether you're going into full time ministry or not, KMBC partners with you to serve God with all that you have. KMBC equips students to serve God wherever they are- whether that's full-time ministry or another career. Are you interested in equipping yourself to reach a lost and dying world?

We are members of the following evangelical alliances or associations:-

  • World Directory of Missionary Training
  • IMTN
  • ABHE (N. America)
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