Columbia International University Distance Education

Training we offer

Name of Programme / Training Resource Full-time or Part-time Academic Level
Acts-Revelation: God's People Proclaiming Redemption Globally Part-time Masters
Biblical Foundation of Curriculum Full-time Masters
Biblical Hebrew 1 Part-time Masters
Biblical Hebrew 2 Part-time Masters
Biblical Theology of Missions Full-time Masters
China & Chinese Ministry Full-time Masters
Colossians/Philemon Part-time Introductory
Cultural Anthropology Full-time Masters
Doctrine Survey (Graduate & Seminary level) Full-time Degree
Early & Medieval Church: 30 AD-1517 Full-time Masters
Ethics & Sanctification Full-time Degree
Field Ed: Foundation of Ministry Full-time Masters
Folk Religion Full-time Masters
Genesis-Song of Solomon: God's Plan of Creation & Redemption Part-time Introductory
Gospel of Mark: The Cross in our Lives Part-time Introductory
Gospels: God's Means of Providing Redemption Part-time Masters
Greek 1 Full-time Masters
Greek 2 Full-time Masters
Greek 3 Full-time Masters
Greek 4 Full-time Masters
Hermeneutics: Interpreting & Applying the Bible Full-time Introductory
History and Philosophy of Education Full-time Masters
Islam Through Christian & Muslim Eyes Full-time Masters
Issues in Adolescence Full-time Masters
Issues in Early Education Full-time Masters
Issues in Pre-Adolescence Full-time Masters
Living Your Faith: Studies in Amos Part-time Introductory
Mobilizing Christians for Personal Evangelism Full-time Masters
Nature of the Learner Full-time Masters
New Testament Survey Part-time Introductory
Old Testament Survey 1 Part-time Introductory
Old Testament Survey 2 Part-time Introductory
Philippians: How to Study & Teach a Bible Book Full-time Introductory
Principles of Bible Interpretation Part-time Certificate
Principles of the Christian Life Full-time Degree
Progress of Redemption Part-time Introductory
Progress of Redemption (Graduate Level) Part-time Masters
Prophets: God's Message of Redemption & Judgement Part-time Masters
Psalms Part-time Masters
Reformation & the Modern Church: 1517-Present Full-time Masters
Romans Part-time Masters
Survey of Bible Doctrine Full-time Introductory
Systematic Theology 1 Full-time Masters
Systematic Theology 2 Full-time Masters
Theology of Jonathan Edwards Full-time Degree
Understanding Cultures & Worldviews Full-time Introductory
Understanding Muslim Women Full-time Masters
Upper Room Discourse Part-time Masters