Academy for Church Planting and Leadership

Programme Detail: Master of Theology in Missions

Language of this entry English (UK, International)
Name of Programme / Training Resource Master of Theology in Missions
Type of Training Programme with multiple subsidiary courses
Reference Number M.Th
Description The Master of Theology (Th.M or M.Th.) program is intended to provide advanced theological study in one discipline beyond what is normally provided at the M.Div. level. ACPL’s M.Th. / Th.M offers an intra-disciplinary focus on Church planting & Leadership. The program can be completed in two intense years of study and includes 60 credit hours and two major research papers, two field statements and a thesis.
Keywords M.Th; Th.M, missions, church planting, leadership development, india, south asia, jayakumar, training, IIM, IICS, BBCM, Bible believing Churches and Missions
Languages Programme Available in English (UK, International)
Other Languages
Country and region where programme is available India / Karnataka; India / Nagaland
Area of Ministry and Focus Mission and Evangelism / Church Planting and Multiplication
Residential/Non Residential Mixed
Full-time or Part-time Full-time
Level Masters
Cost Range US$500 or more
Actual Cost 820
Bursaries/scholarships available
Actual Length 2 years
Average hours of study per week 20
Methods of instruction After the student has filed for candidacy, the following requirements need to be met inorder to participate in the graduation service. a. Complete the General Graduation Requirements for all master’s programs. b. Complete the Field Education; or have an approved plan for completion over the summer following the graduation. c. Complete the Th.M / M.Th. capstone project in the form of two field statements. The two field statements are two major research papers (two — 8980) as a part of two advanced courses in the program, demonstrating evidence of competencies similar to those demonstrated in the thesis below. Examine the Academic Handbook for details related to this capstone project. d. Research and write an acceptable thesis (Rs 103) on an approved topic exhibiting the ability to do competent research, including use of the biblical languages and modern languages when appropriate, to think critically, and to communicate effectively in the area of concentration. The thesis may be for 2-3 hours credit, applicable to the student’s area of concentration. e. Exemplify the character, emotional stability, maturity, and leadership ability that are essential to effective service in Christian ministry.
Percentage of time spent in formal learning (e.g. lectures, structured reading, work-books, etc.) 60%
Percentage of time spent on non-formal skill-based learning (e.g. learning on the job and supervised practice, etc.) 35%
Percentage of time spent in informal unstructured learning (e.g. prayer times, teamwork). 5%
Average number of students who take the programme per year (or, if this is a new programme, the number who can be accommodated) 8
Prerequisite Programmes In addition to the general admission requirements described in the Admissions section of the catalog, the following further requirements are specific to the Master of Theology program: (i) Possess an earned Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited school that maintains academic standards similar to those of ACPL. (Master of Divinity equivalence is defined as an earned master’s degree, including at least 90 semester hours of graduate study in areas closely parallel to ACPL’s M.Div. curriculum. Specifically, this should include 12-16 semester hours of Biblical Studies, 12-16 semester hours of Systematic Theology, 20-24 semester hours of Missiological Studies, and 35-40 semester hours of free electives). (ii) The applicant’s graduate cumulative grade average (CGA) must be a minimum of 60% or first class. However, since CGA is not always an accurate indication of an applicant’s abilities for graduate work, those with a lower CGA are encouraged to consult with the Academic Dean. (iii) The applicant’s undergraduate cumulative grade average (CGA) must be a minimum of 60% or first class. However, since CGA is not always an accurate indication of an applicant’s abilities for graduate work, those with a lower CGA are encouraged to consult with the Academic Dean. (iv) Applicants whose undergraduate cumulative grade average (CGA) is less than minimum prescribed above will be required to take additional qualifying exams and fulfill deficiency loads determined at the time of admission. (v) A demonstrated working knowledge of the content of the Bible, Basic Theology, English, basic missiology and general knowledge by taking the entrance exam. (vi) Those with prior theological and missiological training either in the undergraduate and/or graduate level at an institution accredited by IIM and/or ATA may enroll in the 2 year M.Th. program as full time. All others must enroll in the 3-year M.Th. program as full time students. (vii) Part time students must take note of the statute of limitation.
Other Prerequisites
Qualifications gained
Qualifications this programme is part of
Programme Accredited by Other Accreditation (see below),Indian Institute of Missiology